Chapter 1


Planning your place of birth.

Preparing for labour.

Signs of labour.

The role of the birth partner(s).

Chapter 2


The stages of labour.

Your pain relief options.

Giving nature a helping hand.

How to make confident decisions.

Chapter 3


Meeting your baby.

The role of skin-to-skin.

The transition to parenthood.

Basics in baby care.

Chapter 4


Getting off to a good start.

Feeding cues.


Bottle feeding.

Having cared for many women over the years, we have learned from their experiences and frustrations, and designed classes that are truly different - relevant, honest, practical, and non-judgemental! We create a safe environment for you to ask all the questions you may have, so that you feel confident to make informed choices throughout your labour and birth. 

Classes are tailored to YOU, therefore what we explore in more depth will depend on what interests you.

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