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Having cared for many women over the years, we have learned from their experiences and frustrations, and designed classes that are truly different - relevant, honest, practical, and non-judgemental! We create a safe environment for you to ask all the questions you may have, so that you feel confident to make informed choices throughout your labour and birth. 

The course is structured as follows;

Week 1: Preparation 

Week 2: Labour and birth

Week 3: The early postnatal period

Week 4: Infant feeding

However, the classes are tailored to YOU, therefore what we explore in more depth will depend on what interests you.

Below is a summary of what is covered in the course;

  • Planning your place of birth 
    Where can you have your baby? How can this impact upon your labour? And where do you feel the safest? - What difference does this make anyway?!

  • Preparing for labour
    What can you do to encourage your labour? What even is a membrane sweep anything?!! What do you need in your hospital bag - and what is your partner going to pack in theirs? 

  • Knowing when you're in labour
    Let's talk "latent phase" ... and how to cope with it.

  • The role of the birth partner
    Tips and tricks to support a labouring woman - get your pen and paper ready if you don't want to be in the doghouse!!

  • The stages of labour
    Understanding the language of labour, what is happening and why, and when to call the maternity team.

  • Pain relief options 
    Let's go through them all; TENS machine, gas & air, water, pethidine or diamorphine, epidural - working up a ladder of pain relief.

  • When nature needs a helping hand
    What if your contractions stop? Kiwis (no - not the brown hairy fruit!) and why they might be necessary. 

  • Meeting your baby for the first time
    The role of skin-to skin contact. Do you want to delay cutting the cord? Save another baby's life - how about cord blood donation? 

  • Your physical and emotional wellbeing
    How do you actually care for yourself AND and another human being!? 

  • Caring for your baby
    Nappies nappies nappies. Cord care. How do you reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And what is the Newborn Blood Spot?

  • Practical postnatal advice
    The million dollar question - How to soothe a crying baby! When will the midwife see you next? And what support is available to you in your local area!

  • Infant feeding: Getting off to a good start
    Right, let's get into this debate - breast milk vs formula. Why is it important to avoid dummies and teats. Breast care and avoiding mastitis

  • Feeding cues
    Knowing when your baby is hungry, and not missing those early cues! How often do you feed a newborn? And how do I know baby has had enough?

  • Breastfeeding your baby
    You've never done it before - we'll teach you how to correctly position a breastfeeding baby and encouraging an effective latch.

  • If things don't go to plan
    It really isn't easy - breastfeeding challenges!! How can I supplement my breastfeeding baby - squeezing, pumping, and multi-tasking? - see, you're amazing!

  • Bottle feeding your baby "responsively"
    How to CORRECTLY make a formula feed, bottle feeding with love, and limit bottle feeders (that's who feeds the baby).


On completing the course you will gain the 3 C’s: ConfidenceControl, and Choice. You can do this!