Classes - 

In view of recent government guidelines (04.01.2021), all of our 1-2-1 classes will be held online over Zoom. Since the beginning of the pandemic we took to Zoom straight away in order to keep our clients as safe as possible, whilst still giving them the support they needed.

How it works - 

Within 12 hours before your scheduled class, you will receive an email containing a Zoom invite to your class (you will already be aware of the time from previous communications with us). On the day of the class at the scheduled time, all you have to do is click on the invite link and you'll see us sat there on the sofa ready to start the class.We're proud to say that having done all of our classes over Zoom in 2020, it has not effected the quality of our teaching or the relationships built with our clients. After the end of the class we send you the course information pack which reflects all the teachings from the class itself should you feel like you need to recap on anything. Not forgetting the fact that we'll all be on a group chat together too, available for you to ask any questions whenever you like!

Postnatal Support -

All support and guidance will be given virtually, however we know and recognise that postnatal support often needs to be given physically and face to face. In cases where we feel the support would be necessary in person, we can attend your home for postnatal support in PPE (mask, gloves and apron), on the basis that nobody in the household has symptoms or is self isolating due to testing positive for COVID19.

For the latest guidance on COVID19 in pregnancy click here.

For the latest guidance on postnatal guidance & COVID19 please click here.