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Siobhan & Craig, one-to-one bespoke class, April 2018


Before the class we had some understanding about labour as we had done a hypnobirthing class, however there was still a lot we didn't know.

The class was broken down really clearly and the techniques and games used to teach us were great and really made you remember things. There were a lot of visuals and clear explanations which all helped the learning process.

My husband also learned a lot as he naturally knew less than me on labour and baby care, and he found it really useful and interesting.

Leila and Katie were so friendly and approachable, and no question was a stupid question! It was great to have it in the comfort of our own home and also to do the course in one session (rather than having several).

I feel like we now understand the labour process a lot more, from when you have your first contraction to when you are in the hospital, and the various types of pain relief and the different positions to give birth.

I found the detail on the contractions (how long they last, and how long the peak is), and the clear explanation on pain relief, and the BRAND model (the importance of understanding and asking the right questions before making a decision so you feel like you are in control) the most interesting.

I don't think there is anything I can say to improve the course; I honestly thought it was really great!

Thank you again!!

Siobhan and Craig x

Berta & Michael, one-to-one bespoke class, Jan 2018


We thoroughly enjoyed Better Births Antenatal private class. We did a six hour session with them and it flew by; it was a fun interactive way to learn everything we needed to know. 

The class focuses on both partners and not just the mother to be. There are lots of fun games that you play together and help to reinforce the "team" mentality that will be necessary when the time comes.

Prior to the antenatal class we were both quite anxious and a bit clueless about the whole birthing process. Leila and Katie out our minds at ease and we now feel much more prepared and definitely more relaxed about giving birth.

They are extremely experienced, friendly and knowledgable. We would 100% recommend Leila and Katie's classes and have our fingers crossed for one of them to be the midwife when the day arrives!

Gemma & Dan, one-to-one bespoke class, Jan 2018


We loved our private one-to-one session with Leila and Katie. The reason being is that you get to chat about the things you want to discuss, the things you are worried about and everything is tailored to you and your needs.

You would think a 4 hour session would be extremely boring and I didn’t think our concentration span would last longer than an hour (especially my husband) but we were engaged the whole time as they made the session fun and interesting. 

My husband and I were pretty clueless with everything before we had the session and it’s made us feel much more confident – although my memory is getting the better of me already!!  

We would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a private antenatal classes with two lovely midwives who know their stuff! x

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